Finding files owned by a user, or they are on the ACL

September 29, 2010 at 1:56 pm Leave a comment

The attached code is for a PowerShell filter that takes a collection of items (mainly aimed at files from a dir/Get-ChildItem query, although it also works on Registry Keys) and only allows those files that have the user name either as the owner or in an ACL entry through the pipeline for further processing



Set-StrictMode -Version "2.0"
    This filter reads objects from the pipeline and only passes those obects which include the aclName
    on the ACL.
    The filter processes the objects passed through the pipeline and examines the ACL to see if the
    name passed in as the aclName is either the owner of the object, or is listed as one of the
    IdentityReferences in the ACL Entries.  The comparison for the name is performed using the
    -like operator which allows for widcard inclusion. 
    The value passed in this parameter is compared to the name of the owner in the ACL and the
    IdentityReference values of the ACL entries
    dir c:\webdem | Select-ItemsByAclEntry -aclName "*guest*"
    dir HKCU:\Software\Microsoft\VisualStudio -recurse | Select-ItemsByAclEntry -aclName *guest
    The dir part of this statement, in particular, needs to be executed with credentials that
    have sufficent access to the Registry Keys.
filter Select-ItemByAclEntry ([string]$aclName)
        $acl = $_.GetAccessControl()
        $foundUser = ($acl.Owner -like $aclName)
        if (-not $foundUser)
            if ( $acl.Access.Count -gt 0)
                foreach ($a in $acl.Access)
                    if ($a.IdentityReference -like $aclName)
                        $foundUser = $true
        Write-Host "There was an exception: $_"
    if ($foundUser)


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